8 March 2024 Work&Share Opens a Second Location. The cutting-edge building will be available for clients in 2024. “If you’re not moving forward, you are moving backward,” states a popular business quote. This emphasizes that one cannot rest on their laurels but should always be hungry for more. The quote highlights t

In every coworking space, there are precious moments showcasing the bond these places create. From a simple talk about the weather to touching gestures, from complete strangers to good friends, Work&Share has its moments and memories to cherish. We always talk about how places like Work&Share create a special atmospher

How and when did the coworking spaces started? Coworking spaces, such as Work&Share, are becoming increasingly popular. Recent trends indicate that shared spaces are not only enduring but also experiencing growing demand. It has been almost 20 years since the first official coworking space opened, and today, we will take a

Where are you more productive? These days, the debate over the home office is often as heated as a political discussion. Are you more productive in a traditional office, or do you find your workflow thrives when you’re lounging on the sofa at home? I believe everyone is different, and most people would agree that […]