Coworker’s Diaries: Coffee Habits

Sometimes, it’s the one thing that can get you through a tough day at work. No, I’m not talking about your wonderful colleagues or the hundreds of tasks on your plate. I’m talking about coffee.

You know that moment when you take your first sip of coffee for the day and magically everyone is not so annoying anymore? Even if you are not the type that can’t say a word before drinking his coffee first, you’ve probably encountered someone like that. You’ll recognize them when all you hear is a sound resembling the growling of a bear and the snoring of an old man.

That’s why we care about the coffee we offer at Work&Share as we know how important it is for you. We have two automatic coffeemakers in our kitchens, each offering various functionalities and, most importantly, free coffee for all our clients. For over a year now, we’ve trusted Costa as our coffee provider, valuing quality and understanding how beneficial coffee can be for productivity.

Now, we’ve conducted a survey on your coffee habits, and some fascinating details emerged. Ever wondered why there is a line at the kitchen in an unusual time? Or what is the preferred time for coffee breaks or the most favored type of coffee in our office? Let’s dive into the details together.

One is not enough

Disclaimer: Don’t apply this rule to relationships…

It turns out one coffee a day is not enough for the Work&Share folks. 47.6% of all participants in the survey say they drink 2 coffees a day at the office. It’s a tie between those who drink one per day and those who tend to drink 3 coffees a day – both groups getting 23.8% of all the answers. We even have one participant claiming to drink more than 3 coffees a day (we know it’s you, Sofia).

Italian style

When it comes to the type of coffee, espresso is the big winner. Almost 50% of all coffee lovers at Work&Share choose espresso over other alternatives. Second place goes to long coffee, followed by coffee with milk. It’s worth noting that cappuccino gets more votes than latte.

Morning vs. Afternoon

You know how when you do something on a daily basis, you tend to believe that many people do the same and that it’s common. That‘s how I‘ve been thinking about drinking my coffee in the morning. I always thought and associated the caffeine with the morning routine. But, as our survey shows, it’s more likely to see someone at Work&Share drinking a coffee between 2 PM and 4 PM, rather than in the morning. But it’s very tight. 61.9% of the participants in the survey chose the afternoon interval and 57.1% marked the 8 – 10 AM period. It’s important to note that people could pick more than one answer/interval as many drink more than one coffee a day.

Coffee = Successful Workday

It’s scientifically proven that coffee boosts focus and concentration. That’s why it is not a surprise that 52.4% of respondents believe coffee helps them at work. 33.3% say it has “some effect,” while 14.3% find no salvation in coffee during busy workdays.

I drink coffee because…

This is definitely the most interesting part of the survey. We gave the respondents the opportunity to write down the reasons why they drink coffee. We got very different answers – from full honesty to hilarious reasons. Here are some of them:

 👨‍💻Coffee turns my thoughts into code; I might be addicted.

 🎉I pretend it brightens my mood.

 😬It’s one of the few pleasant moments in my day.

👆 To stay focused.

 🚬It goes well with cigarettes.

 🤤It helps when I’m hungry or about to fall asleep.

 💁‍♀️It’s just a habit.

Free is always good

We offer both free and paid coffee options. Unsurprisingly, over 85% of participants are satisfied with the free options, choosing them over paid alternatives.

In conclusion, coffee is integral to everyday life at Work&Share. It’s not just about concentration or a reason to take a break. Sometimes, one coffee in our shared workspace can spark new friendships, bold ideas, and interesting horizons.

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