Coworker’s Diaries: Of Dogs and Office Men

A modern-day remake of the all-time classic “Of Mice and Men”

Everyone has heard of the all-time classic “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, right? It’s a touching story featuring two main characters – George is a “small and quick and dark of face”, while Lennie is a man of tremendous size with the mind of a young child. And even though “Of mice and men” is much more than just that, I’m sure that everyone who has read it will remember Lennie’s love towards animals, and mice in particular. That got me thinking that some days at the Work&Share office everybody turn up to be Lennie and the situation can easily be summed up by the title “Of Dogs and Office Men”.

Dogs of all breeds, sizes, shapes and colours are welcome. Some of them are even better than their owners at keeping things clean and tidy at the office.  Just as Lennie loves his mice, almost everyone in our office loves having a dog around. In the book George and Lennie seem like an unlikely pair, but somehow, they complement each other and are better together. It’s the same with Work&Share. An IT specialist at his workplace and a dog at the PC next to him might also seem like an odd pair, but somehow it makes everything look better.

In “Of Mice and Men” Lennie loves animals because they are soft and snuggly, and they never talk back or make fun of you. It’s the same with dogs, but with a little bit extra. Dogs lighten the mood, they are funny and unlike your manager/boss/supervisor they are unlikely to get angry if you overdue on a task. Also unlike some of your annoying colleagues, the dog won’t talk back, won’t make fun of you or make you listen to him complaining about something for 45 minutes.

Let me introduce to you some of our “office dogs” (and animals in general):


A loud Weimaraner. Akira is part of the Wunderman Thompson family and her owner is Petya – a Creative Director. Akira is 5 years old, but sometimes she acts like a child. She often accompanies Petya at work, but as far as we know, she is doing it voluntarily and she isn’t paid by the company (what a shame…). Her daily tasks at Work&Share include whimpering for attention at the Wunderman Thompson office, going around all other rooms to see if everything is going according to plan, trying to get someone to pet her all the time, and sometimes spending hours in the kitchen just staring at people eat.

Billy (fake name)

I have no idea what is the real name of this fellow, but I can tell you this – it is one of the most elegant dogs you can meet at Work&Share. He is a Husky and has different coloured eyes. Believe me, you can get lost in those beautiful eyes and just stare at him all day long. Not that your boss would understand such a reason for not doing anything all day. The only problem with Billy is that you probably won’t have the opportunity to pet him, because he is so well-behaved that he doesn’t “talk” to strangers. He is part of the Dreamix family at Work&Share. We can call him The IT dog, but I’m not sure of his coding skills.

Pupesh (English translation: Melon)

Yeah, that’s my dog. Not the brightest name but in my defence: It was the season of melons when we got her. She is a mix of Labrador and Cane Corso. Pupesh (Melon) doesn’t usually come to the office with me because I’m afraid she might chew on the walls just like she did at home, but I’ve brought her a few times on off days. She didn’t get paid for working on Saturday or Sunday but she’s more interested in food than money anyway. 

The cats outside

We call them “The Cats”. Pretty original, right? They live outside the office and they don’t let anyone get close to them. We are pretty sure one of them is a female. Especially because she just gave birth to three cute little kittens. So that’s an obvious sign it’s a female cat, isn’t it? We haven’t seen the mother and the kittens in a while now, if you see them, just feed them and say “hello” from us at Work&Share. 

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