Work&Share exploration: Room for Everything

For interrogation, inspiration, or important meetings, Work&Share has a room for every occasion

Have you ever watched a thriller or action movie where the main character undergoes an interrogation? Not the kind involving physical violence, but a straightforward questioning. How do you envision the room where this intense exchange takes place? Is it dimly lit, with a single bright light source above the suspect and the interrogators?

Well, at Work&Share, we do indeed have such a room. In fact, we offer rooms for various purposes – be it for a festive gathering, addressing misbehaving employees, or simply relaxing. This is the story of the rooms and halls that employees and entire companies can reserve and use at Work&Share.


If you’re in need of a formal company meeting space, this is the perfect choice. It resembles a lecture hall and can accommodate roughly 60 people, so you can grasp its size. This room not only provides space for a substantial number of attendees but also offers various amenities. You have access to a whiteboard and a large white wall for projections. It’s a common practice for visiting companies or foreign directors to make or be present in presentations here. Soft pillows are available for added comfort, making it suitable for lengthy meetings or even a quick nap, though passersby may find it unusual as the Auditorium has windows on one side.


As its name suggests, this room is an ideal setting for important meetings. It can comfortably host around 10 people and features a TV for presentations. It also offers a nice view overlooking the Auditorium, allowing you to discreetly observe important Auditorium meetings from the Boardroom.

Grey Booth “Silver Tomb”

This is the most intriguing, perhaps even daunting, room in Work&Share. Informally referred to as “The Interrogation Room,” it earns this name due to its resemblance to movie interrogation rooms. It’s equipped with a simple table, four chairs, and overhead lights directly above the table. It’s mainly used for misbehaved employees. Of course, I’m just kidding, but if you are in charge of a company residing at Work&Share you can definitely try it sometime in case you are wondering about an employee’s loyalty or something like that.


This room, with a capacity of eight people, exudes an air of sophistication. Surrounded by windows, it immerses you in an atmosphere reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, creating the perfect setting for important business meetings, interviews, work discussions, and occasional presentations.

Blue Booth “Goodbye Blue Sky”

My personal favorite and, in my opinion, the most creatively inspiring space at Work&Share. Designed for small gatherings, it accommodates 2-3 people at a time, offering solitude for contemplation and idea sharing. Have I mentioned the comfortable sofa and excellent chair? These furnishings are ideal not only for meetings and creative brainstorming but also for a much-needed break during the workday.

Creative Arena

For reasons unknown, this room is sometimes humorously called “The Cursed One.” Whether it’s due to lingering spirits of former employees who were let go or simply a quirky nickname that has stuck, this room features a spacious table and is highly practical for business meetings and work-related discussions. It also boasts a TV for presentations.

White Pepper

The sunniest of all the rooms at Work&Share, White Pepper’s ceiling windows flood the space with natural daylight, creating a delightful atmosphere. With a capacity of approximately 10 people, it’s a great choice for both casual and formal work meetings. Additionally, it’s equipped with a large TV for presentations.

No matter the purpose, Work&Share has the ideal room to suit your needs. Our well-designed system makes it easy to book a room in advance. Whether you require an interrogation space, a cozy room for idea exchange, or a hall to accommodate an entire football team, look no further.

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