Work & Share: Less “Me”, more “We”

We would like to tell а brief story about us back in the days, but we are even more excited to share with you what is coming up next and how and why you’re gonna be the leading star in our common shared future.

Less “Me”

The idea of Work & Share was born in the beginning of 2016 by me – Bozhidar and my business partner Stanimir.

As part of the startup world ourselves, establishing a company focused on data analytics, we felt the need to work along like-minded people and to become part of a bigger community. That feeling made us searching for the right coworking space. After a year and a half of exploring, changing and experiencing different coworking spaces, here and abroad, we finally came up with the decision to create our own.

We wanted not only to do our job in the best way possible, but also to have the people around us with whom we can openly share our ups and downs, our learned lessons and hard struggles, our future plans and worries.

Realizing the positive influence a diverse community could have on its members, made us appreciating even more the value of being part of a greater “WE” that goes further beyond the limits of just “ME”.

More “We”

So we decided to build a community that represents our understanding about that greater “WE”. Our mission is to bring together representatives of the main work circles – corporate world, startup ecosystem and freelance units, to bridge the gap between them, to accelerate the chances of serendipity and to foster the processes of innovation.

We aim to create a sustainable, yet dynamic environment where collaboration, openness, trust and mutual help are core values, where sharing is not an exception but a daily process of giving and being given and where working along and together with other motivated and creative people is a source of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Less “Me”, more “Wе”!

We believe that by uniting people with such a mindset, Work & Share will become organically a center for spontaneous, meaningful interactions and professional growth.

If you recognize yourself in this culture and want to become part of our community, drop us a line at:


Work & Share Team

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