Partner’s Voice: Dreamix – Where People Matter the Most

With almost 20 years of experience, Dreamix stands out as one of the most successful Bulgarian IT companies. Despite years of rapid growth, the core principles established at the beginning remain essential for the company. Work&Share takes pride in being the coworking space that Dreamix calls “home,” and we have been partners from the very start of our coworking journey.

We could talk endlessly about how great Work&Share is, but I understand if you think I’m biased. That’s why we’ve decided to give our partners the opportunity to speak for themselves.

In our new series “Partner’s Voice” we will present interviews with leading figures from companies residing at Work&Share. Whether it’s an IT company, advertising agency, architecture firm, or freelancers, they will share their stories, principles, values, and why they believe Work&Share and coworking spaces, in general, are exactly what they need.

We begin with Dreamix – an IT company with nearly 20 years of experience. Dreamix’s story is inspiring, starting with a brave dream from a couple of university graduates. We had the pleasure of meeting one of them – Stefan Grigorov. Currently operating as the COO of the company, Stefan has worn many hats throughout his career, including IT engineer, manager, CEO, and more. Stefan describes himself as an artistic person with a knack for logical thinking. He’s not your typical IT engineer; he’s a person of many interests and is not afraid to pursue his passions. Something that was crucial in founding Dreamix in 2006.

“It was different because, unlike most companies that start a business driven solely by the idea of making money, we were driven by the idea of creating a better place to work. We were in our last year of university, and most of us already had some experience working in different IT companies, but none of us liked the environment there. We knew we could create a better place with better relationships between people,” Stefan says.

“We are a people-first company. That means we are willing to sacrifice potential deals and income in the name of our colleagues’ well-being and overall satisfaction. Many companies are willing to prioritize business over people, but that’s not us,” he adds.

Today, the core principles behind Dreamix’s foundation remain unchanged some 20 years after the humble beginning.

“Our values have never been compromised. If there’s a project to work on, it should help the person working on it grow and develop. Also, we only choose projects that have something beneficial for the whole community. For example, we’ve had many offers to work with betting companies, but we’ve turned them all down, as we believe betting is destructive for society. We believe that money should come from hard work and effort rather than chance,” Stefan explains.

“Even today, our core principles remain unchanged. In fact, they have become even clearer over time. We have successfully integrated our human values as company values, which is our greatest success. We have never strayed from the type of people we are. It’s often the case that business changes people, but that was not the case for us. That’s why all of us, the founders, have gone through every step – from being just an engineer to a manager or even higher – so that we understand the company and make it work,” he adds.

It seems the formula for success has been found. Today,about 300 people work at Dreamix, and the company’s main clients come from Western Europe and the United States.

“We’ve faced tough times, and even now, we are in the midst of a crisis in the IT sector. Despite that, we’re doing okay and are striving to retain our people. Recently, a prestigious media outlet in Bulgaria ranked us as one of the IT companies that continue to grow in terms of business and employees despite the crisis,” Stefan tells us.

Work&Share and Dreamix have been partners for seven years now. Since opening our first location in 2017, Dreamix has been a valuable partner and a proud member of our coworking community.

“We love being in an open environment, and it’s part of our culture at Dreamix. It’s a great benefit that Work&Share gives us the chance to be around other young, energetic, and ambitious people like us. We strive to create the right environment at a company level, but all of this would have been impossible if we weren’t in the right place,” Stefan points out. “We all need new people in our lives and jobs, and this is always beneficial for productivity. Work&Share gives us the opportunity to meet new people continually.”

“This coworking place offers several key benefits. Firstly, the location. We wanted to be close to the city center but not right in the heart of it. The idea was to have our office at an equal distance for most of our colleagues, rather than at the outskirts of the city, where some would have to travel twice as long as others just to get to the office. Work&Share’s location is also very convenient if you want to pop into the city center after work,” he adds. “Next is the interior style and the rooms Work&Share offers. It gives us a sense of freedom, creativity, and keeps us grounded. The high ceilings, wooden elements, and spaciousness create an environment that aligns with the culture we strive for.”

After almost a decade as partners, Stefan’s words about Work&Share hold immense value.

“I would definitely recommend Work&Share, as long as whoever comes leaves enough space for us as well,” he laughs. “I like the feeling of this place, and I believe how you feel in life is important. We often forget to ask that question in pursuit of material benefits, but how you feel is much more important. I can say I feel great here. I feel awake and full of energy. That’s what I would highlight if recommending Work&Share to someone.”

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