Partner’s Voice: One Media or How to Make Your Voice Heard

One Media is another proud partner of Work&Share. The company specializes in social media profile development, content creation, PR, video production, and media strategy.

Every child and every generation has its own common wisdom phrases. When I was growing up, aphorisms like “A single bird doesn’t make a spring,” or “Many grandmas, weak baby,” and “A lie’s feet are short” (believe me, it makes more sense in Bulgarian) were often used.

If we bring it to the present day, perhaps we can easily add something like “If it’s not on social media, then it didn’t actually happen.” Having followers is no longer associated with something negative but rather with social status. Sometimes, it can even be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business.

It’s perfectly okay if you are old-school and don’t want to have a social media account or to be visible on the web, but the truth is that if you own a business, it’s almost impossible to succeed today without a strong media presence. I’m talking about social media, TV, websites, video content, and so on.

This is where professionals like Dani Rangelova and her One Media come in to help. She is our next guest in the “Partner’s Voice” where we give our partners the chance to tell you more about their business and why they chose Work&Share for their workplace.

One Media and Work&Share have been going hand in hand for almost 6 years now, or to be more precise, since the beginning of One Media. As a professional with extensive experience in the media industry, Dani can make you or your business stand out in the vast internet and PR environment.

“You might say it all started some 20 years ago, when I first stepped foot into the first television station I worked for. It was love at first sight. I’ve worked for the two biggest TVs in Bulgaria – bTV and BNT – and I’ve been through the whole process of making a TV show, from finding guests to screenwriting to being a reporter, producer, and anchor. TV productions hold no secrets from me,” Dani says.

“Creating One Media was a natural next step in my love for television. We offer a full service in the field of communication, PR, and video shooting. I can say I’ve managed to leverage my experience so that we can offer the best product possible for our clients,” she points out. “Live broadcasting helps you build character as you only have minutes to react to the situation and find a solution. I’ve been through a lot, and that’s not something many other agencies on the market can say.”

Communication is key, not only for personal relationships but also for business and well-being, a fact Dani knows all too well.

“If I have to say why I’ve been in this industry for so long, it’s because when times get harder, you realize it’s even more important to communicate well in these moments. I’m talking about being able to hear the other side out but also to express yourself. Right now, we need meaningful content and not just clichés, and this is where we at One Media stand out. The truth is that right now, every second Bulgarian believes they write correctly and can publish a book. I’m ashamed even to comment on this,” Dani explains.

When a bold company like One Media was founded, it needed a suitable and creative place to start its exciting journey. That’s where One Media and Work&Share’s paths crossed.

“As a business owner, I don’t like the idea that in the beginning, you have to think about things like electricity, internet, how clean the office is, or even if there’s enough coffee for everyone at the office. Work&Share gave me the opportunity to put these things aside, and they’ve never bothered me. I was focused solely on creating and developing One Media,” Dani recalls.

As a true communication master, Dani knows how important contacts are. That’s another reason why Work&Share and coworking spaces in general are just what One Media needed.

I’ve created many valuable contacts and acquaintances at Work&Share. Another important thing is that I came to learn more about different businesses – how they work, what their owners do, and how much effort is needed for a company to succeed,” Dani says.

Another thing I love about Work&Share is the location. It’s close to not one but two subway stations, and the building itself has a lot to offer. There are days when I have a couple of meetings, while on others, I have a video to create, and at Work&Share, I have all the resources, space, and environment to do it,” she tells us.

Today, you have all the resources to speak up, but very few make something meaningful out of this freedom. And One Media might be exactly what you need to make your words count. So, when in need of someone who knows everything on that topic, Dani is the one to go to. And when Dani and her One Media need a place to make their magic, Work&Share is always there for her.

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