Coworker’s Diaries: A Work&Share Love Story

The Romeo and Juliet of our coworking space

They say that love comes right around the corner, but sometimes it’s actually right in front of you. Or, to be more precise – on the desk in front of you. This is the story of Tereza and Momtchil. Definitely not an ordinary love story. It doesn’t start with a super romantic gesture between strangers on the street or a glance at a bar or on some modern dating application. Rather, it starts with two desks, a goofy pickup line, one coffeemaker machine, and one well-known Work&Share.

The beginning goes back to the “distant,” as Momtchil called it, year 2017. Back then, Work&Share was not exactly what it is today, but it still had the same values and mission – to gather professionals from different industries in one place and provide them with the best possible environment for them to do their job in the best way possible. If, along the way, love comes, it’s just a bonus but also a story worth telling.

Momtchil is one of the first Work&Share clients. He is the owner of a car-selling company, or at least he used to be; I forgot to ask him if he still is. Pardon me

“I didn’t want to work from home. I wanted to socialize. That’s why I was looking for a place like Work&Share, and this was the most modern one, which I liked the most. It was also close to the DMV, which was important for my job,” he says.

Tereza, on the other hand, used to be an HR for a Swiss company back then.

“I was the only representative of the company in Bulgaria. That’s why I wanted to rent a desk somewhere. Of all the other coworking spaces in Sofia then, I liked this one the most. It was the most spacious, and it had a good feeling inside it. Actually, it was the last coworking space I visited. I saw some photos and couldn’t even believe how good it was. Some of it was still just a project, but I liked the idea and everything. That’s why I chose it,” Tereza explains.

Then the magic happened.

“It so happened that her desk was in front of mine. I remember her looking at me from top to bottom (he laughs). I liked her from the start. At a certain moment, I decided to go and talk to her. That’s not very hard in a coworking place, and especially in Work&Share because you look at each other non-stop. It’s not hard to go and say something stupid like: Hi. Do you have a pen?” Momtchil says. “I remember asking her if she wanted me to show her where the coffee machine is. I know it was stupid, but that was my way of asking her out for coffee. To this day, I know how stupid my pickup line was, but it worked, and that’s how everything started,” he remembers.

“It was funny actually because I already knew where the coffee machine was,” Tereza recalls. “But he was so persistent to show me where exactly it is that I agreed. The funny thing was that the coffee machine was 5 feet from us. So, I guess it wasn’t such a big effort on my side.”

While they are telling their story, a fierce but also cute roar on the other side of the call. It’s the 1-year-old Natali – their child. She sounds entertained by her parents’ love story.

And although their jobs are quite different, Work&Share gave Tereza and Momtchil the opportunity to be together. Two opposite worlds joined by a coworking place.

“We didn’t have a lot in common when it came to work. I was doing my job, he was doing his. But working together at Work&Share gave us the opportunity to have coffee together, eat lunch with each other, and most times even come or leave work together. It was nice,” Tereza says.

“Work&Share is a good place to meet someone, and it worked for us. Especially if you are a one-man show as it was in my case. I can’t say that everyone would meet their soulmate there. There are no guarantees. But I can tell you it’s possible,” Momtchil explains.

Their story is definitely a special one. You can tell by the laughter they share when remembering their first encounter, by the way they talk about each other, and especially by the loud and cute baby Natali who wanted to join the conversation so much.

Momtchil and Tereza’s story is one of our favorites in Work&Share because it shows how people from different backgrounds and very different jobs can meet at such a coworking place. It doesn’t matter if you are a part of a large company or a “one-man show,” as Momtchil described his job back then. Work&Share has the solution for everyone. And who knows – maybe one day love comes and sits right in front of you, and you decide to show her where the coffee machine is. If I have to sum up Tereza and Momtchil’s story in 4 words: Two desks, one destiny.

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