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8 March 2024

Work&Share Opens a Second Location. The cutting-edge building will be available for clients in 2024.

“If you’re not moving forward, you are moving backward,” states a popular business quote. This emphasizes that one cannot rest on their laurels but should always be hungry for more. The quote highlights that standing still allows competitors to eventually catch up and surpass you.

At Work&Share, we wholeheartedly believe in this philosophy. We are consistently driven to improve, which is why we are excited to announce a significant development. In 2024, we will be launching a new, state-of-the-art coworking space – Work&Share Synergy.

Offering a prime location, a next-generation building, and an elevated service standard for our clients, the establishment is set to open in a couple of months at Sofia Tech Park – one of the fastest-growing office parks in Sofia and Bulgaria.

“The Synergy Tower, where our new coworking space will be, is truly unique,” says Bozhidar Georgiev, Work&Share CEO. “It excels in every aspect – interior design, electrical efficiency, technology, and more.”

Why this location and why now? Bozhidar provides insights and emphasizes that both the location and timing have been carefully chosen.

“The market appears to have finally settled. People have realized that working from home is not suitable for everyone, and occasional office visits have proven beneficial,” he notes. “We had expansion plans even before the pandemic, but they were put on hold due to circumstances. Now, the opportunity has presented itself. We were captivated by the building, and we saw great potential in Sofia Tech Park. I believe this is a place that will undergo significant development. With its expansive park area and the presence of various interesting companies, it is crucial for us in building a thriving community.”

Work&Share Synergy is designed to facilitate collaboration between both large and small companies, fostering the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and connections. The new office is well-equipped to accommodate diverse companies, individuals, and innovative concepts.

“Work&Share Synergy will offer 350 – 380 workspaces. While it will differ from Work&Share Tintyava in many aspects, we will leverage our existing expertise,” explains Bozhidar Georgiev. “In the new space, we will provide more offices. It won’t be the typical open space; instead, it will feature closed offices with varying capacities. We have rooms that can accommodate 5-6 people, as well as rooms for teams of up to 50 or 60 people.”

“We saw the opportunity to offer something different from our experience at Work&Share Tintyava, where we restored an old building. I can’t even imagine not having to deal with the challenges we encountered when we opened the coworking space at Tintyava. Now, we enter a brand new building in Work&Share Synergy, and that comes with numerous advantages,” Bozhidar explains.

It all revolves around meeting the needs of clients and companies, a principle deeply rooted in Work&Share values.

“It turns out that companies desire coworking, a dynamic atmosphere, and flexible workplaces. They want to be in a shared space but not entirely,” he chuckles. “Many companies still prefer having enclosed offices for intimacy, yet they also seek the opportunity to interact with different people in shared spaces, kitchens, game rooms, and more. The market is beginning to embrace our approach to managing real estate – commonly referred to as “commercial real estate”. We believe in its adaptable future. I foresee that, in the future, an increasing number of property owners will transition their buildings into a flexible management model. Gone are the days when anyone wants to commit to a 10-year lease or be bound by stringent legal contracts. Nowadays, companies aim to expand rapidly and, if necessary, downsize swiftly without jeopardizing their budget.”

Every item and even the smallest details in Work&Share Synergy serve a purpose.

“Conference rooms, spaces for informal meetings, game rooms – we have it all covered at the new coworking place. One of our main goals while building it was for every item and detail to have a purpose in Work&Share Synergy. I couldn’t imagine placing furniture somewhere just for the sake of it. Our aim was for every item not only to have a purpose but for every room to be easily transformed into something else. We learned a lot from Work&Share Tintyava. I hope we’ve drawn the right conclusions, and Work&Share Synergy will demonstrate that,” adds Bozhidar.

Exciting developments are on the horizon. Work&Share Synergy aims to elevate the coworking market in Bulgaria to an entirely new level.

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