Work&Share Moments

In every coworking space, there are precious moments showcasing the bond these places create. From a simple talk about the weather to touching gestures, from complete strangers to good friends, Work&Share has its moments and memories to cherish.

We always talk about how places like Work&Share create a special atmosphere. It‘s the charm of coworking spaces. Not just an office, but an environment where you can meet different people and bond with them out of nowhere.

You might think you have nothing in common with an IT expert, but it could turn out that you both share the same passion for table tennis. Or even better – you both dislike the same people (hating the same person is usually the easiest and shortest way for two persons to become friends). „What do I have to say to an architect“, you might ask. In the next moment, you are in the kitchen talking to the architect in question about protein recipes.

My point is that Work&Share creates a truly unique environment and is a place where people of different backgrounds, ages, sexes, and even interests might find something in common. Here are a few firsthand examples that I experienced in Work&Share so far.


She is one of the reasons why we enjoy a clean and tidy office. Ivanka is a part of the cleaning staff at Work&Share. Sometimes she might look angry, annoyed, or as if she is about to kick you in the ankles, but behind this mask is actually a very nice person with a lot of emotions. She looks tough, but she is a sweetheart. I can‘t count all the times she was keeping me company while I was eating, talking about her childhood, her family, and how people can be really messy sometimes. Sure, I might not have always wanted to hear more about her 6 grandchildren, but it was nice to see someone being that honest with a person that just a couple of months ago was a total stranger to her. At a certain point, she even started to hide my cup if she found it in the common areas so that no one takes it but me.

Shut up and take my… umbrella!

It was pouring rain outside. The kind of rain that gets to your bones and just a couple of seconds outside are enough to make you as wet as if you were at an aquapark. On a day like this, no normal person should go outside. Unless that person really wants to eat Brazilian Tapioca Bread from the bakery nearby. So, in such a rainy day my gluttony called and I just had to get my hands on that Brazilian Tapioca Bread. Here I am – walking outside, already wet as a scuba diver, when a helping hand came out of nowhere. While passing a car in the parking lot of Work&Share, the boy inside just rolled down his window giving me an umbrella: „Bro, you definitely need this. Take it. You will give it back to me some day“. As I found out later he is actually an IT expert, working at Dreamix in Work&Share. Georgi turned out to be a lovely guy that really found my thirst for bread very amusing.

Football Time

If you‘ve been reading these articles for some time now, you might already know that I have a background as a Sports Journalist. And more specifically – a football commentator. Football for me is something special, and coming to work at a creative agency it was a bit of a shock when I realized I‘m surrounded by people not interested in this sport at all. I had to find an alternative. One day in the yard of Work&Share and out of the blue, me and some of the IT guys from Dreamix found ourselves talking about football. It turned out they were not only as passionate about it as I am, but also had a team that participates in the IT league in Sofia. One day they were a man down, so I went to play with and for them. Unfortunately for them I ruined their game, as they found out I can talk about football but don’t really play it that good…

Table Tennis Tournament

I’ve always liked table tennis, but not until Work&Share did I truly discover I had a soft spot for this sport. Work&Share is one of the coworking spaces that takes real care of its partners. That’s why at the office there is a table tennis zone in the Game room. I found it very relaxing and challenging at the same time. During the table tennis sessions, I’ve had some of the best and deepest conversations of my life. This is also the place where I met Ivan and Merry. Ivan is a skilled technical writer while Merry is an IT expert. They are part of an IT company (not to be mistaken with Dreamix) that has a small team located at Work&Share. They are not only great people but also a killer team when it comes to table tennis. I never got a chance, no matter who was my partner.

Recipe for Friendship

Do you remember the days when people (mostly women) used to exchange recipes by phone or at the tenant’s gatherings? It’s modern, or to be more precise, it’s Work&Share version looks like that – Sofia and I, our Office Manager, exchanging high-protein recipes in the kitchen of the coworking while both avoiding real work. Definitely a great team-building activity, and I’m glad it gave me the chance to not only learn something new but also to get to know Sofia better. It turned out that we both share the same passion for fitness as well, so we’ve spent countless hours discussing not just fitness but also life, people, and ideas. Something I’m really grateful for.

“Were you not that guy from the TV?”

As I mentioned above, I used to work as a TV host and a football commentator. Maybe that’s why I’m not that surprised when someone says: “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”. This was the case of my first encounter with Evgeni. He and Ivaylo run the local small shops at Work&Share. Let me try to explain it – at Work&Share we have the so-called “mini-markets”. Basically, these are small shops where you can buy things like beverages, desserts, and sandwiches. The point is that it is self-serving, and they depend on your conscience not to steal things. The cameras above are also helpful in that matter. So, one of my early days at Work&Share, I was browsing and wondering what to get when Evgeni came to me asking if I’m not the guy from the TV. Turned out he is a big football fan, and since then I always talked with him whenever I saw him at the office and I got the chance. He is really a lovely guy, and both mini-markets at Work&Share work wonders for every employee.

Coworking places such as Work&Share are an everyday inspiration for stories like the ones above. Shared workplaces might not only be a great place for your business to grow, but also for you to grow on a personal note. Work&Share is truly a place where the human factor is above all else and even just a year inside our coworking space gives you enough stories to write a book on human relationships.

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